Social Programmes

We view our social programmes as investments into the long-term sustainability of the communities where we operate. We strive to be a good "corporate citizen" – but we also believe that supporting education, sport and culture helps to ensure that our businesses will be able to recruit qualified workers, and retain them over the long term. We believe that the healthy, happy and well-educated communities we support will be more stable and provide us with the human resources we need to operate our production facilities.

Through social programmes, we aim to address some of the important challenges facing the communities where we work. In implementing these programmes we aim to build positive long-term relationships and to have an open dialogue with non-governmental organisations, local authorities and other stakeholders.

PhosAgro believes that, in the long run, investment in social programmes will contribute to the rapid development of the Company, and that the Company's operations will benefit if local communities are thriving. We seek to tailor our social programmes to the needs of each of the communities where we work, within the bounds of the key priority areas listed below:

Sport and Healthy Lifestyle

Our focus is to support healthy lifestyles from a young age, helping to ensure the health of future generations in the communities where we operate. We do this by supporting youth sport organisations, clubs and teams, as well as professional teams and federations in Russia.


The sports organisations that PhosAgro supports and sponsors include:

  • Non-commercial partnership DROZD (and its regional affiliates)
  • Non-profit Organization St. Petersburg Regional Judo Federation
  • Independent Non-profit Organisation Sports club "Speedway" (Balakovo, Russia)
  • Russian Chess Federation
  • Russian Swimming Federation
  • Russian Rhythmic Gymnastics Federation
  • Russian Olympians Foundation
  • The Champion Foundation for the support and development of sport
  • Apatit-Sport

We provided over RUB 150 million to support these and other organisations during 2012.

Health and Wellbeing

All our businesses are committed to implementing healthcare and wellbeing programmes for employees, their families and the local communities. To ensure the implementation of these programmes, PhosAgro constantly works on improving its existing facilities, which include:

  • Clinics and first aid centres based in the operating units
  • Canteens
  • Health centres and recreation resorts ("Emerald" sanatorium (BMF), "Tirvas" sanatorium (Apatit))
  • "Sosnovka" leisure centre (PhosAgro-Cherepovets)
  • Holiday homes and camps for children
  • Gyms and sport
  • Community centres

DROZD: Promoting sport for Russia's youth

Following the initiative in 2003 of Andrey Guriev, member of the Federal Assembly from the Murmansk region, PhosAgro together with the State Educational Centre "Sambo-70" established a Non-commercial Partnership "DROZD". Since then the Company has been supporting "DROZD", which is aimed at promoting education and a healthy lifestyle among children. Within the framework of this partnership, several independent non-profit organisations were set up in Balakovo, Cherepovets and Khibiny, where PhosAgro is present. These educational and sports centres monitor the state of health of children and teenagers in these regions, promote a healthy lifestyle, and provide the local communities with various sports and educational activities.


We aim to promote the teaching of chemistry in primary educational institutions were our operations are located, and to support higher education institutions that specialise in areas relevant to our business. Some of our key programmes in the area of education include:

  • Ongoing all-round support to the St. Petersburg State Mining University;
  • Sponsorship of "Apatit-class" chemistry classrooms in schools in Kirovsk and Apatity;
  • Funding for playground equipment at schools in the areas where we operate.

Vulnerable groups of society

PhosAgro supports disabled people, World War II veterans and veterans of labour. We regularly donate to support World War II veterans in events marking Victory Day and Defender of the Fatherland Day in Kirovsk and Apatity.

Furthermore, PhosAgro sponsors the following organisations:

  • Non-profit Organisation of veterans in the Vologda region "Veteran";
  • Charity Fund "For a Good Cause" ("Vo imya dobra");
  • All-Russia Society of Disabled People;
  • Russian Union of Disabled Sportsmen.


We support cultural programmes to promote the preservation and development of the cultural, spiritual and historical heritage of Russia, as well as to enhance the quality of life of our local communities.

We aim to maintain the necessary infrastructure to support vibrant cultural life at a local level, while also sponsoring national theatres, and bringing performances to the cities where our production facilities are located.