Social Responsibility: Sustainable Growth, Sustainable Business

While our growth strategy is aimed at achieving sustainable growth in shareholder value, we can only achieve truly long term sustainability by ensuring that our business practices address the interests and needs of all our stakeholders. For us this means taking care of potential, current and former employees, minimizing our impact on the environment, and contributing to the local communities where we operate. All of these actions are part of our growth strategy aimed at building sustainable shareholder value.

PhosAgro 's corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities are underpinned by the follow ing key principles:

  • Ensuring professional and personal growth opportunities for our employees
  • Engaging in business practices that support a safe and healthy workforce
  • Implementing measures to reduce our impact on the environment and improve efficiency while ensuring full compliance with environmental rules and regulations
  • Supporting sports, culture and education in the regions in which we operate

Two Board committees share responsibility for our CSR activities: the Remuneration and Human Resources Committee, and the Environmental, Health and Safety Committee. Each of our subsidiaries have internal departments responsible for employees' welfare, environmental control and occupational health and safety. In addition, an internal CSR audit is carried out at all of PhosAgro's enterprises in accordance with established corporate procedures.

The purpose of the CSR audit is to confirm the compliance of the quality management system with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards and with the Company's own requirements. The annual audit is also intended to identify areas for improvement.