Insider Information Policy

PhosAgro has in place a well-defined policy on insider information, which acts as one of the most important conditions in ensuring that the rights and interests of our shareholders and investors are respected. Our principles are outlined in the Regulation on Insider Information, which is available on our website.

An insider is a person who has the right to access insider information as part of their job description, or in line with an internal company document, a contract with the company or a law or regulatory requirement. PhosAgro has established an internal structure that reports to the Board of Directors, the responsibility of which is to ensure compliance with current insider information laws and regulations.

We control insider activity by placing restrictions on the use and circulation of insider information. For example, insiders may not pass on information available to them to other individuals except in cases expressly provided for in current legislation and the company’s documents. Those with access to insider information are prohibited from transactions involving the company’s shares during the time they have access to insider information, and are required to notify the Corporate Secretary’s office of all other transactions with shares.

The Corporate Secretary’s office maintains lists of insiders and notifies insiders of their inclusion on these lists. The office gathers data on possible or actual disclosure of insider information and brings them to the knowledge of the Company’s Board of Directors. In the event that the Company suffers a loss due to a breach of the insider information policy, the insider is required to compensate the Company for any damages.