Corporate Governance Structure

Our corporate governance system complies with the requirements of Russian legislation, and our governance structures are based on the generally accepted standards and practices stipulated by the Russian Code of Corporate Conduct and the UK Corporate Governance Code. The corporate governance principles, structures, procedures and practices are set out in PhosAgro's Charter and Corporate Governance Code.

General Shareholders' Meeting
Board of Directors
Sven Ombudstvedt
Chairman, Independent non-executive director
Maxim Vo lkov
Executive director
Marcus Rhodes
Independent non-executive director
Ivan Rodionov
Independent non-executive director
Vladinir Litvinenko
Non-executive director
Igor Antoshin
Non-executive director
Vasily Loginov
Executive director
Roman Osipov
Executive director
Committee of Board of Directors
The Audit committee
Chairman – Marcus Rhodes
The Strategy committee
Chairman – Vladimir Litvinenko
The Remuneration and human resourc es committee
Chairman – Ivan Rodionov
The Enviro nmental, health & safety committee
Chairman – Igor Antoshin
Review committee
Galina Kalinina
Olga Lizunova
Maxim Sinitsa
Internal Audit
External Audit
Executive management
Management Board
Maxim VolkovChief Executive Officer Mikhail RybnikovChief Operating Officer Andrey GurievDeputy CEO for Sales and Logistics Roman OsipovDirector of Business Development Alexander SharabaikoChief Financial Officer
Senior Management Team

The Shareholders' Meeting is the principal forum through which the owners of the Company exercise their ability to decide on the most significant issues affecting PhosAgro. These include appointing corporate bodies, approving the financial statements and amending the by-laws.

The Board of Directors provides overall guidance to the company, except in areas that are the remit of the shareholders' meeting.It sets targets and oversees implementation by the ManagementBoard and CEO.

The Management Board, chaired by the Chief Executive Officer, manages the day-to-day operations of the Company and implements the strategy approved by the Board of Directors.