2012 Highlights: Stable performance and organic growth


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Cash Flows from operating Activities RUB bln
Profit for the Period RUB bln
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Dividends for 2012

  • We have delivered a solid dividend yield of over 7% in 2012.
  • In 2012, we paid out dividends totalling USD 1.01 per GDR.
  • Our total post-IPO payout ratios are: 49% from net profit attributable to shareholders; 42% from total net profit.
  • We have over-delivered on our formal dividend policy to pay 20% to 40% of annual consolidated IFRS profit attributable to shareholders as dividends.
Dividends paid since IPO RUB mln
Total as of March 201314,998.9

In April 2013, the Board of Directors recommended that shareholders approve distribution of PhosAgro's profit in the form of dividends, which equals RUB 19.90 per share with a nominal value of RUB 2.50 (RUB 6.63 per GDR) to the shareholders included in the register of shareholders as of April 22 2013

Capacity growth

Organic growth continued in 2012 with the launch of a new urea shop and electricity plant, while M&A activity brought us the new capacities we acquired with Metachem

End products
Feedstock / intermediary products

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Other 2012 highlights

Record-setting production and sales volumes
  • 2012 fertilizer production: 5.4 million tonnes (+8.6%)
  • 2012 fertilizer sales: 5.3 million tonnes (+7.8%)
New fertilizer production and electricity generation capacity, improved labour efficiency
  • +500 kt urea capacity
  • +32 mW electricity generation capacity
Growing value-added end products capacity and increasing internal processing of own phosphate rock
  • Increased internal processing of phosphate rock by 240 kt through consolidation of Metachem, which has the following annual production capacities:
    • Potassium sulphate: 80 kt
    • Tripolyphosphate: 130 kt
    • Sulphuric acid: 215 kt
    • Phosphoric acid: 80 kt of P2O5
Significant progress towards consolidating ownership in key production facilities
  • Total ownership (including affiliated parties) of Apatit has reached 95.95%, up from 57.58% at IPO
  • Completed PhosAgro-Cherepovets merger, combining related production subsidiaries Ammophos (phosphate-based fertilizers) and Cherepovetsky Azot (nitrogen fertilizers)